As an Italian girl born and raised in Brooklyn, food has always been really important to me. Most of my best childhood and adult memories revolve around food. It brings families and communities together. No matter what race, religion or walk of life you are from, food is the one thing that people have in common. It has been there for me through all of the good times and the bad. I have had the pleasure of growing up in a family of amazing cooks. I learned to appreciate and respect good food and how to eat really well, even on a really tight budget (thanks Mom!). I have also had the pleasure of traveling around Europe and the US taking advantage of as much local cuisine as I possibly could. On the weekends I love exploring NY and Brooklyn in particular, where new and exciting eateries are opening up everyday!

In this blog I will take you along on my food tours of Brooklyn and beyond, provide you with recipes conceptualized in my tiny kitchen and even provide lighter options for these meals without losing the tastiness!

Grab your fork and knife and let’s go! 🙂